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Not that I planned to launch this new course when everybody is glued to the computer screen waiting for the Corona scare to pass by, but today is the day, and it’s out!

Those of you who follow me for a while, already know the wide portfolio of services and products I offer, all about developing business software with Excel VBA and leading many others to become such consultants.

IF you’ve completed my flagship course: Computer Programming with Excel VBA, you were required to follow a sequence of lessons, quizzes and assignments, as you gained the required knowledge and skills. This is the drill of a typical course, be it online or in a classroom.

This new course, 105 Excel VBA Functions Explained, is different.

Modular Approach

The course is a collection of 105 video sessions, each focuses on a specific Excel VBA function (or sub). These functions are grouped into 13 chapters, covering most aspects of business solutions development with Excel VBA, including: data export/import, application control, system IO, printing, notifications, protection, reports, tables and user dialog forms.

If you are in need to learn how to update a table record with data, you can jump right in and take the specific lesson that demonstrates a function that does exactly that. You may want to take all 26 tables functions lessons to cover all things about working with tables in VBA.

VBA Masters’ Secrets and Professional Programming

While you can pick your way from the vast collection of subjects and functions, I do strongly advise that you skip none. To understand why, let me give some background and context.

I started developing professional business application with Excel VBA about 6 years ago. As the need would present itself, I produced function upon function to facilitate a robust foundation to serve me in more projects. It means that these functions are tested, robust and underlay some mission critical business processes in many of my projects deployed around the world. They embody my 35 years of experience working with customers around the world, large and small, in business applications, business analysis, research, computer programming, software design, development and delivery.

For that reason, I’m sharing throughout the course some insight from real life business challenges and good programming practices. For example, I explain how I distinguish between “Dev” mode and “Prod” mode and how it is implemented in every project I do. Most VBA courses are not called for such considerations as they are not built on real business use cases.

If you follow through the complete course, you are guaranteed to absorb important programming practices and VBA best practices & tricks.

105 Business-Grade Excel VBA Functions Are Yours

As some of you may remember, few months ago I packaged these 105 functions into a rare gift I give away for free on my website (see here). This course now closes the loop as the functions you have are now fully explained. You can take the knowledge you gain in the course and use it to change and create new functions to suit your needs.

Simply put, coupled together, you have a strong foundation to develop your projects on!

A Udemy Course

Another point that sets this course apart is that I chose to host in on Udemy, not on my own website along with the legacy courses I offer. This choice reflects my passion and desire to reach as many people as possible around the world to share my knowledge and experience with.

This is a full-blown course with 11.5 video hours in over 100 lessons. You can imagine how much time and effort it took me to produce it all (and if you can’t imagine, I can say it was in the ballpark of 80 hours). This type of a course typically run for few hundred US Dollars at least. Still, I put it on Udemy for a list price of $24.99. With the frequent discounts Udemy makes on courses, it will be sold for much less many times, and that comes on top of the promotions I will do.

I’m taking advantage of Udemy’s outreach and marketing efforts to allow many people to learn Excel VBA to a business-grade level, and price should not be a barrier, in my mind.

Who is This Course Not For?

The structure and purpose of the course, as described above, renders the course best for those who already have some familiarity with Excel VBA or computer programming. This is not a beginners’ course. If you know nothing about computer programming and Excel VBA, I’m afraid this may be a little overwhelming for you, as I jump straight on into the hard core of VBA programming.

On the other hand, you need not be very experienced. Even if you recorded some macros and adjusted code based on examples you found on the web, I guess you can get pretty much from the course.

Check it Out

Here’s a demo lesson from the course:

Expand Excel to Full Screen Mode with VBA

This is the style, the pace and now you know what to expect 😊

Here’s another one:

Check if Excel Worksheet is Hidden with Excel VBA

Come over and see more sample lessons here on the Udemy course page. See ya there!


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