The Excel VBA Inner Circle offers a wide range of services to support all Excel VBA enthusiasts. If you just want to start learning Excel VBA or you are a top Excel VBA consultant already – the Inner Circle got you covered. Here is a guide to help you choose the right plan for you

What is The Excel VBA Inner Circle program?

The Excel VBA Inner Circle is a professional “club” in which Excel users can learn, get support, and practice VBA.

The program offers two subscription plans, each designed to promote you as an Excel professional in different stages of your career.

With the Excel VBA Inner Circle, you can reach the highest possible level of programming business applications with Excel and Databases, no matter what you know about computer programming, Excel VBA or Databases today.

There is no such program anywhere.

The courses and activities are derived directly from my 35 years of experience in serving business applications to customers around the world, of any size and industry.

Join the Excel VBA Master plan if you are…

If you find yourself in one or more of the following situations – the Master plan may be the right choice for you:

  • You love Excel and work with Excel to support your work
  • You already play around with VBA (Macros) on a moderate level, you use the Macro Recorder and modify the code to your needs
  • You learned VBA and you can automate tasks by direct coding
  • You have taken a couple of VBA courses, but you find it challenging putting it to work when requirements are high
  • You work with Excel extensively, you want to invest the time required to grow fast and steep to a professional level by conquering VBA, Databases, user experience and successful end-to-end projects delivery
  • You are a professional VBA coder, and you want to take the next level and dive into advanced aspects of an Excel VBA expert career
  • You want to be a part of a professional community of Excel VBA team, meet colleagues and find buddies to work with

If you feel you want to up your game to the next level and learn proper computer programming with VBA while your questions are answered in detail and with attention – the Master plan can be a great fit for you. In this case, you will start by learning computer programming properly and how to best use VBA to meet any business need.

If you want more than just learning proper computer programming with VBA, and willing to invest at least a couple of hours every week – the sky is your limit! You can take advantage of the deep-dive monthly Workshop and the monthly Challenge to be exposed to advanced techniques and VBA code that I use in my projects to customers.

If you subscribe annually, the full Computer Programming with Excel VBA online course + one more advanced course of your choice immediately opens for you. The three advanced courses to choose from are:

  • Beyond Excel Boundaries with VBA: Office, Files and Internet. Extend your Excel VBA programs to integrate with MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint, send Outlook emails, access the Internet and interface with other programs
  • Beyond Excel Boundaries with User Forms: Deliver a Professional User Experience. Transform your Excel VBA applications into a controlled, professional business applications offering your clients a slick Windows application experience
  • Beyond Excel Boundaries with Databases and SQL: High-Preforming, Scalable Business Applications. Offer world-class, high-performing, scalable and robust business applications and Excel solutions by mastering SQL with your VBA programs

In your pace, you can quickly see strong results with the Master plan.

Join the Excel Consultant plan if you are…

This limited plan (up to 20 people only) is designed to support an Excel business applications consultant. You will join this plan if you are:

  • Looking to Develop a career as a freelance / self employed aiming to offer end-to-end services to customers
  • Need to translate business requirements into professional, mission-critical business application based on Excel and related technologies
  • Need to deliver sophisticated, complex and performant Excel-based applications

This plan grants you with my personal time and mind, twice a month, to secure your entry into the projects and customers’ field with confidence.

Know that the code you deliver is properly designed to handle the business requirements at hand.

Make a strong impression on your customer / manager from the first meeting onward.

Have someone else to consult with on your personal career path and decisions.

Still not sure?

If you still find it difficult to decide and you want a more personal advice and guidance on this, drop me a note and we can work this out together:


I created a complete 8-course program for you.

From programming to databases with Excel VBA to deliver business-grade solutions.

Take the first course today: Computer Programming with Excel VBA.

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