Welcome and thank you for taking interest in myself and my offering to you.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my background.

Oh Boy, oh Boy, oh Boy

I was born on January 1969, in Israel, my homeland still today. As a young child I had an opinion about everything, and didn’t hesitate to ask questions. I was always seeking for the ultimate truth.

I did my best to improve the way the school operated and to enlighten my teachers with tips of dos and don’ts. I must have been an everyday subject of conversation in the teachers’ lounge… I am sure that the staff were relieved when I finally completed my studies there.

My high school experience lasted exactly one year. At the end of the freshmen year (9th grade), the principle explained to me that although the students’ best interest comes first, it was in everyone’s’ best interest that I do not come back the following year. While being an argumentative person by nature, this was one point I didn’t argue… Shortly after that I announced to my parents that school and I will no longer meet each other.

All by myself

When I was 13, my parents bought me my first computer. It was the beginning of the 80’s and only a handful of kids had one back then, as the manufacturing of the first personal home computers just began. I was the happiest kid on Earth. My first computer was a Texas Instruments 99 which was connected to the TV screen in the living room, equipped with 1Kb memory to store my program code. I was fascinated by it and taught myself all there is to know from the books which arrived with the computer, teaching the Basic programming language. I spent days & nights in front of the computer and thanks to that I discovered the world of computers and software.

So, after my decision to leave school, I worked in several jobs simultaneously:

  • I tutored Cobol in a private college in Tel-Aviv (Cobol is a business programming language)
  • I developed math software tutorials for 5th and 6th grades Schools
  • I acted as a computer trainer for gifted children as well as being a computer substitute teacher in a junior high school in my hometown
  • I was in charge of the bookkeeping data processing in Microcad (Cimatron today, a CAD software company)
  • I worked as a DJ in a successful club in Tel- Aviv. I also did private parties, weddings etc. Back then the greatest hits were Big in Japan, Eurythmics, Boy George, and even the Stars of 45 sound track (for those of us old enough…)

During this wonderful period I enjoyed total independence, diverse subjects of interest at work, and the money I earned.  At the age of 17 I bought a car and traveled with my friend all over the place, in Israel and abroad.

You’re in the army now…

In August 97 I joined the IDF and for the first six months I served as a fighter. When my commander suggested that I be reassigned and serve as computer manager in the headquarters, I agreed that it was in everyone’s best interest and I accepted his offer 🙂

For the next two years I developed a Human Resources system and a mailing system that was approved to replace the manual forms processes, a significant change for a tremendously bureaucratic organization such as the army. For these systems I used the rapid application development tool: Magic.

I did it my way

Given the fact that I returned home from the army base almost every day, I took the time to teach myself and catch up with educational materials. By the time I finished my military service, I had also a complete high school diploma and the SAT.

After the army I worked as a trainer and taught people from IBM, local municipalities, etc. I taught computer fundamentals, DOS, Lotus 1-2-3 (the first “Excel” before Excel came to be) and business software development. I also participated in writing books about computer technologies. All this led me to become a computer sciences graduate student in the Technion in 1994, already with a vast professional experience that none of my academic friends had. Thanks to that experience, in 1996 I found myself in a position of CIO in a medium industrial company.

Playing with the big guys

In March 2000 I joined Top Tier, a startup company that relocated me to Houston, Texas, with my wife at the time and two little boys, Yuval and Tomer, for implementing its Enterprise Portal at large corporations. Two months after we had moved to Houston, SAP bought Top–Tier.

At this time, I served as a senior consultant in Professional Services for SAP America. I traveled all over the US to meet clients in order to lead the implementation of SAP Portal. I was also a regular speaker in the TechEd events, SAP’s flagship conference for technology leaders and consultants worldwide.

After 2.5 years we decided to move back to Israel and I found a new and interesting position in SAP. I became the Customer Relationship Manager for the government of Israel. This was a strategic client for SAP on a global scale, as this was the first (and only, to my knowledge) Government to implement a single ERP solution for all of its ministries and units.

2.5 years later my position was extended to business development for public services (Defense, Security, Healthcare, Academic Institutions, government). At home we added Netta to the family. Later I held several other positions in SAP Israel, including being part of a small team to establish SAP Israel (I assumed the responsibility of establishing the sales processes, go-to-market and competitive market analysis). I was also part of establishing SAP Research and managing research projects. My last position with the company as Academia Relations Manager ended in December 2014, after which I started building my own business.

One man show

In the past years, I started serving customers world wide. I delivered solutions from small tools such as a pricing generator for an insurance agent, up until mission critical business solutions supporting end-to-end processes in sales, manufacturing, human resources, insurance, financials, logistics, procurement, warehouse, and more. I started as a freelancer using web services such as Upwork and built a reputation over time.

In order to gain a footprint in these online marketplaces where rating is the king, I had to start very low. My first project was a solution for car rental run by a small home business. I charged a couple of hundred of dollars and received my first 5-star rating and a warm review. That later grew to become my current $120 per hour rate with recurring customers.

More details on my software projects offering along with some sample projects can be found here: https://excellench.com.

Over the years I developed a successful process to bid for projects, solicit customers, design, develop and deliver highly robust solutions built mostly with Excel VBA and MySQL Database. There are just a handful of Excel VBA developers in the world capable of developing and delivering a business grade solution. Also, The fact that I myself can cover both the business analysis as well as the technologies aspects of the project allows me to offer solutions at half the investment it would take a standard software house to do.

What comes next…

Today I have the desire to guide motivated consultants around the world who identify the unique value proposition I offer to them as well as the unique value proposition they can offer to their own customers. I would like to see hundreds of young, bright talents around the world take the challenge and earn a lucrative career that I help start.

In the next posts here I’ll blend professional with more personal experiences so that you can learn more about me, and from me.



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