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The Ultimate Excel Date Picker

CONFIGURABLE: popup method, first day of the week, auto-tab, and more

BRANDABLE: 8 pre-designed themes to chose from, or fully customize to your brand

MULTI-PURPOSE: Works with User Forms and Worksheet Cells

  Brand with your own colors

8 professionally designed themes to chose from.

Almost every element of the Date Picker can be set with the color of choice:

  • Header background
  • Navigation and drop-down controls background
  • Weekend days background
  • Weekdays background
  • Weekdays font
  • Today’s background
  • Today’s font
Developing the Ultimate Excel Date Picker
Excel Date Picker

  Use with Worksheet cells containing dates

Configure for auto-popup or for in-cell button*

Auto best-fit positioning of the Date Picker next to the date cell

Date Picker title bar can be shown to allow manual re-positioning

 * Auto-popup only for password-protected Worksheets

  Use with User Forms

Complete the professional and friendly user experience you design with the auto-popping Date Picker

Auto best-fit positioning of the Date Picker next to the date cell

Supports the date format you need: 23/05/2023, 05/23/2023, 23-May-2023, 2023-05-23 or other

Excel VBA Date Picker User Forms
Excel Date Picker

  Configure the Date Picker behavior to your needs

Works with Right-To-Left and Left-To-Right User Forms and Worksheets

Set the years offset to limit the drop-down list of years to the bounds you need

Set the first day of the working week

Configure auto-tab to the next cell upon selecting a date

The Date Picker VBA code is open for you to further adjust and develop!

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Just wanted to say thank you for the effort and work that would have gone into creating such a complete and all round calendar date picker.

I can see that this has been designed with the user in mind, from considering the multiple versions of excel the user may be working with to even what operating system is being used, your date picker caters for it all.

I have learned a few neat bits of code through the well explained comments in the code as well which allows the user to customize how it looks from selecting themes to even inputting your own colors, very cool !

A very clever tool and thank-you for sharing .

David Boffa, Australia

Easy installation and setup – 1 minute to see the beautiful Date Picker in your project!


1. Open the VBA Editor (ALT+F11) from your Excel Workbook

2. Import (CTRL+M) the two files you received: DatePicker.bas and DatePickerForm.frm

3. Copy/Paste a small code snippet to any Worksheet module / User Form

 Download the full Date Picker Installation guide by clicking here.

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Can I use the Date Picker in commercial Excel projects I sell to my customers?

Yes! you have a license to use the Date Picker, and even modify its original code, within the projects you deliver to your customers.

Your customers may not copy the Date Picker, or any of its components / code, for use outside of the product you sold them.

You are not allowed to share the Date Picker, or any of its components / code, with any other person or publicly, and you’re not allowed to re-sell it as part of a software product which is not part of a project delivered to a specific customer.

You are more than welcomed to spread the word and send your friends and colleagues to this page – good tips must be shared, you know…

Do I need to know VBA in order to install the Date Picker?

You need not be a VBA programmer at all, or understand VBA code (this is my job!).

You will need to open the VBA editor and follow a couple of simple instructions on how to import the files you received and which code snippets you need to copy/paste to the right place.

Having said that, I highly encourage you to enroll in my on-line courses on this website and become an Excel VBA master yourself!

Does the Date Picker supports other languages?

Not out-of-the-box.

However, since the Date Picker VBA code is open for you to manipulate, if you know what you’re doing, it should be a breeze to display the labels in any other language.

Be advised, however, that the days arrangement on the Date Picker will always be oriented from left to right.

What Excel versions are supported? how about Mac? Any limitations?

The Date Picker should run on any Excel version 2007 and up, installed on Windows.

Password-protected Worksheets will run the Date Picker in the Auto-popup mode only (no in-cell button). That is, upon landing in a date-containing cell, the Date Picker immediately pops-up for that cell.

Unfortunately, Macs will not be able to run the Date Picker.

How will the Date Picker affect my Excel Workbook?

The Date Picker is implemented with VBA, Excel’s programming language (also known as Macro).

Excel Workbooks storing VBA code needs to be saved as Macro-Enabled Workbooks. If your file is currently a non-Macro enabled Workbook, you will need to “Save As” and change the file type to Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook (*.xlsm).

Apart from adding the VBA code to your Workbook, no other changes are made to your Workbook.

Note: Opening a Macro-Enabled Workbook may request your permission to allow the Macro to be executed (“Enable Content”). This depends on your Excel security settings. Always enable content of Macro-enabled Workbooks from sources you trust (you can trust me!).

How is my privacy kept when using the Date Picker?

Your privacy remains unchanged, with or without the Date Picker.

The Date Picker sends no information whatsoever out of your computer. In fact, the Date Picker does not use the Internet at all.

As the Date Picker’s VBA code remains open for you to see, its security and privacy becomes transparent.

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