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Computer Programming with Excel VBA

Discover how professional programmers code in Excel VBA

In this unique course, you learn Excel VBA along with computer programming ✔ Be competitive: Deliver fast, business-grade solutions in half the time and cost compared to traditional technologies ✔ Stand out: Very few professional VBA programmers out there ✔ Easy to learn: One of the easiest languages to start with ✔ Attractive opportunity for you: Requires a small investment in learning with vast potential opportunities ✔ Easy to sell: Excel is readily available on almost every computer

Business Automation with VBA: Office Integration

Learn how to extend your Microsoft Excel VBA programs to integrate with MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint and send Outlook emails

You will manipulate other Office programs to automatically generate Word and PowerPoint reports, populated with Excel data, and even send them as email attachments using Outlook ✔ Sending an Email message with MS-Outlook ✔ Generating MS-Word documents with Excel data ✔ Generating MS-PowerPoint presentations with Excel data ✔ Assignment: PowerPoint report generator to managers on their hiring candidates status, sent to them by email

Business Automation with VBA: Working with Files

Extend your Microsoft Excel VBA programs to interface with other applications, exchange data and access files and folder

You will learn one of the most popular techniques to integrate Excel with other applications: text files. You’ll also work with folders and files and embed images within your Worksheets ✔ Embedding an image file in a Worksheet ✔ Creating slick PDF reports ✔ Working with files and folders ✔ Importing and exporting text files ✔ Importing and exporting text files using the streaming object ✔ Assignment: Create a slick PDF report with Excel data and chart

Business Automation with VBA: Accessing the Internet

Learn how to extend your Microsoft Excel VBA programs to access the Internet, consume web-services and do web-scrapping

You will understand the principles of the Internet technology, popular protocols and file formats used to store and exchange data. You will consume a published API over the Internet and do web-scrapping on eBay – all with VBA! ✔ Understanding Internet fundamentals ✔ Working with popular file formats: XML, JSON, CSV ✔ Consuming a published Internet API ✔ Web-scrapping into Excel Worksheet ✔ Assignment: Exchange rates chart based on data published on the Internet

Excel User Forms: Deliver a Professional Human Experience

Discover the wonders of user forms: design, develop, and deliver beautiful, intuitive to use professional applications

You will learn one of the most GAME CHANGER features an Excel VBA consultant can have: User Forms ✔ Anatomy of a User Form ✔ User forms controls ✔ Designing user forms ✔ Associating VBA code to all user form’s controls and events ✔ Populating a form with a selected record in an Excel Table for update ✔ Saving User form’s data as an Excel Table record ✔ Opening a second user form from within a user form and exchanging data between them ✔ Applying data validation to form entries with an alerting mechanism ✔ Assignment: Develop an orders management solution with employees, customers, orders and orders’ line-items

Databases and SQL Mastery

Understand, design and implement databases while mastering SQL at the highest level

You will understand the principles of Relational Databases, design and implement the database for your customer and master the SQL language to a business-grade level ✔ Introduction to databases ✔ Installing the MySQL DB server ✔ MySQL server data types ✔ The SQL language: concepts and structure ✔ SQL data definition: creating the schema, tables ✔ Assignment 8: Using SQL to create tables, indexes, and relationships ✔ Populating DB tables from CSV files ✔ The SQL select command: joins, scalar, aggregates, union, nested queries ✔ MySQL views ✔ Advanced insert and update: with subqueries and joins ✔ Transactions, Locks, Isolation, and Variables ✔ Assignment: Extend the ERD, serve complex business reports and monthly updates using SQL

Business Applications with Excel and MySQL Database

Deliver high-performing, scalable and robust business-grade applications with Microsoft Excel VBA and MySQL Database

Discover the wonders of relational databases, design a proper schema for your business needs, develop and deliver highly scalable, performant, multi-user, professional applications with Excel VBA and MySQL Database ✔ Connecting Microsoft Excel to MySQL DB server ✔ Installing the ODBC connector to MySQL server ✔ Develop a rich library of generic, robust VBA functions for working with the MySQL DB Server: All CRUD operations and more. ✔ Sanitize and adjust data as it travels between the MySQL DB Server and the Microsoft Excel environment ✔ Develop a complete process of presenting a Microsoft Excel chart using SQL queries over MySQL DB tables ✔ Assignment: Enrich your VBA to MySQL DB server functions library and develop a customers management system allowing adding, updating and deleting customers maintained in the DB Server from Microsoft Excel

Advanced Microsoft Excel Applications with SQL

Learn how to apply SQL to your Microsoft Excel tables for high-performing, complex business insight

Apply your knowledge of SQL over Microsoft Excel tables to achieve extremely fast results when querying your large, joined Microsoft Excel tables ✔ Excel VBA SQL syntax ✔ Applying complex SQL commands, including multiple tables JOINS, to Excel tables and ranges ✔ Assignment: Design and develop a dynamic Sales Dashboard. Changing filters immediately refresh the Dashboard’s elements from the DB.

105 Excel VBA Functions Explained

Become business-grade VBA developer with this “Learn-by-Example” course.

Programming techniques and VBA masters secrets.

✔ Advanced use of Excel VBA in business applications development
✔ Layout a strong foundation for efficient, professional business applications built with Excel VBA
✔ Computer programming techniques implemented in Excel VBA